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Dominant species
Name: The one and only the native carnet crystal gold Necklace
Product ID: 0700439 Stock: 1
Selling Price: $616.5 (USD) Transport costs: Please click the query!
Size: 1.3CM Weight: 9.8ct
Place Of Origin: Tongbei,Yunxiao,Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China Mining Time:

This is a manganese Aluminum Garnet Gemstone crystals do gold necklace, the sapphire from Fujian, no manual polishing facet, pure is the work of God, with the necklace is pure gold, in order to set more firmly, pendant side flower chooses 18K gold (gold content of 75%). We designed this product is the pursuit of a return, return to nature, return to natural, her innocence and out of the ordinary absolute you deserve, there is only one.


The one and only the native carnet crystal thousand foot gold ring http://www.chinaneolithic.com/en/stores/view.asp?id=436

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