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Dominant species
Name: Fanta color manganese aluminum garnet lattice plane ring faceted precious gemstones
Product ID: 0700523 Stock: 2
Selling Price: $80 (USD) Transport costs: Please click the query!
Size: 10X8MM Weight: 3ct
Place Of Origin: Tongbei,Yunxiao,Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China Mining Time:
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 This is two stars from Fujian Fanta color manganese aluminum garnet, the origin of manganese aluminum garnet single crystals are very small and stone are generally not more than 5 mm, need 15 mm above the stone can be cut out of the two star 10x8 mm faceted gems, which in the place of origin is very rare. This gem has a cotton crack, the perfect person cautious purchase.

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