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Dominant species
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Name: Emerald Drop Pendant bare stone
Product ID: 0700488 Stock: 1
Selling Price: $266.67 (USD) Transport costs: Please click the query!
Size: 1.8X1.25X7.5CM Weight: 12.45ct
Place Of Origin: YunNan province,China Mining Time:

Yunnan emerald and Columbia emerald is not the same, it is translucent, more like Chinese jade, now more and more be used to substitute the emerald jade pendant, without any artificial oiling, plastic injection, heat processing, stone grinding and polishing by direct and natural stone, not very perfect, perfectionist careful. This stone is the bare stone, no drilling, please find gold mosaic. 

We in the gem chooses the material carefully


Gem grinding studio we


We collect gem material in the mine, the first hand source.

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