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Dominant species
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Name: Garnet Pendants(silver)
Product ID: 0700457 Stock: 1
Selling Price: $148
$111 (USD)
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Size: 1.6X1.1X0.5CM Weight: 8.15ct
Place Of Origin: Tongbei,Yunxiao,Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China Mining Time:

Manganese aluminum garnet abrasive processing natural and positive retention crystal, natural crystal face, crystal pattern is clearly visible, the store of precious stones are produced from the sale, the stone of natural pure, we promise never to add color, oil, heat treatment and other artificial optimization, you can see how it is a gem from a piece of stone processing.

We in the gem chooses the material carefully


Gem grinding studio we


We collect gem material in the mine, the first hand source.