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Dominant species
Name: Wholesale Sanidine Gem Transparent Adularia Fluorescence Feldspar Mineral Specimens Crystals
Product ID: 0702188 Stock: 8
Selling Price: $230 (USD) Transport costs: Please click the query!
Size: Weight: 1000g
Place Of Origin: Madagascar Mining Time:

 Single weight: About 2-6 g / capsule

Sanidine is a very rare gem with a hardness of 6.5 and few cracks. It doesn't need glue injection optimization, It can also cut and grind high-quality gemstone facets. The original stone can also be directly processed into sanidine bracelet or original jewelry of sanidine pendant. It is also a good choice to make mineral specimens and gem ornaments. Now the price on the market is about $50 per pill. You can search the price of other sellers on eBay. 


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