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Hokutolite ( Hokutolite ) in Taiwan is the naming of radioactive mineral springs, global only Taiwan, Japan Tamagawa, Chinese Tibet has found. Hokutolite is orthorhombic sulfate minerals, mainly for barium sulfate ( BaSo4 ) and lead sulfate ( PbSO4 ) in the ratio of 4 to 1 the proportion of mixed, its radioactivity from its inclusion of rare earth elements in radioactive radium. As a result of Hokutolite growth in the millennium year spring near, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, so Hokutolite can emit natural negative ion. Use of the hot spring bath, sauna, SPA, Iwa Kiwa.

Brief introduction

Hokutolite is barium sulfate and lead sulfate with a ratio of 4 to 1 the proportion of mixed rare earth elements, rich radioactive radium, currently only Taiwan, Japan Tamagawa found. Hokutolite most early in 1905 was in the Peitou Creek was found in 1912, was brought to Europe and the United States by the science and technology authority identification, renowned scholars.

Most of the stones and hot springs. Hokutolite is because the local famous hot spring, before the formation of such a strange products. Qing Dynasty poet Liang Qichao wrote " hot spring " such a poem: " does not have word search, visit in spring; Qu Lu Yin back to the valley, current blue smoke, soil paste temperature and weak Nymphoides, Dan Fei River color smoke, recalling bitter soup Shanlu, the Ming Tombs in front of. "

According to the data, the Beitou hot spring present as early as ceased to exist, but also because of the extremely precious Hokutolite mining had been banned by the authorities, but it has the occurrence mechanism and function have been understood, and applied to a way of keeping good health.

The role of negative ions

In the medical profession, negative ions were confirmed with sterilizing and purifying air effective means. The mechanism is mainly negative ion combined with bacteria, causing the bacteria to produce changes in the structure or energy transfer, resulting in bacterial death, eventually sink to the ground. Medical research shows that, the air of negatively charged particles so that the blood oxygen content, conducive to oxygen delivery, absorption and utilization, with the promotion of the new supersedes the old. The human body, raising immunity of human body, enhance the body muscle can regulate the body function, balance function. According to textual research, negative ions on the human body in a system of 7, nearly 30 kinds of diseases can inhibit, remission and the role of adjuvant therapy, especially on human health role more obvious. Negative ion in the medical community is referred to as the " air vitamin "

Main role

1, effects on the nervous system. The cerebral cortex function and mental activity strengthen, spirits, the working efficiency is raised, the quality of sleep can be improved. Negative ion can make the brain oxidation process and strengthen, make the brain more oxygen available.

2, effects on the cardiovascular system. According to scholar observed, negative ion with a markedly dilated blood vessels, can relieve arterial blood vessel spasm, reduce blood pressure, negative ion to improve cardiac function and the improvement of myocardial nutrition will also greatly benefit, conducive to hypertension and cardiovascular disease patient's recovery.

3, is for hematological effects. Research confirms, negative ion has the blood slowly, prolong the clotting time, can make the blood oxygen content, conducive to oxygen delivery, absorption and utilization.

In 4, the negative ion effects on respiratory system the most obvious. This is because the negative ions enter the body through the respiratory tract, it can improve people's lung capacity. People used to test, in a glass mask inhalation of anion in 30 minutes, lungs can absorb oxygen increased by 2%, while emissions of carbon dioxide increased 14.5%, so the anion also good for improving and increasing pulmonary function.

In addition, negative air ion and sedative, hypnotic effect. If we inhale the negative ion, persevere, be of great advantage to the health: make people energetic, eliminate fatigue and burnout, improve work efficiency. Improving sleep, eliminating neurasthenia. Reduce disease incidence, prevention of colds and respiratory diseases. Improvement of cardiac, cerebral vascular disease symptoms. Prevent air conditioning disease in the role of negative ions, can make skeleton increased excitability, exercise duration decreased, help athletes improve performance, especially for some need rapid response items, such as sprint, swimming etc..